1. What brings you to Scandals Saloon?
(select all that apply)

  The Barkeeps  Karaoke nights 
  Outlawz DJz  Pool Shootin' 
  Line Dancing & Two Steppin'  The K & L Corral Patio Bar 
  Cocktail Prices  The Wranglin' Regulars 
  Just wandered by  Cowboy Cruisin' 
  A rowdy good time  I love it all! 
  No entrance fee    
2. Do you fancy our DJ's music?
(select all that apply)

  Hoot Hollerin'!
  Mix it up
3. How do you like our Barkeeps?
(select all that apply)

  Friendly Pokes
  O.K. Smoes
  Always at the reins
  Stink-eyed Blokes
4. Do you ever wait for hooch?
(select one choice)

  Once or twice
  Vultures are pickin' my bones clean
by the time I get my firewater
5. Did your barkeep...
(select all that apply)

  getcher order right?  treat you well in kind? 
  charge you proper?  show appreciation for your
  make proper change?  All of the above. 
6. When do you frequent Scandals Saloon?
(select all that apply)

  Weekday Happy Hours  Sporting Events 
  Weekend Happy Hours  Karaoke nights 
  Weekday nights  Dance Lesson nights 
  Weekend nights  Special shows and events 
7. Are you comfy?
(select one choice)

  Sweaty saloon
  A tad toasty
  A bit of a chill
  Freezin' my chaps off!
  This cowboy's cozy
8. Scandals Saloon's ads are...
(select all that apply)

  attractive and attention grabbing.
  boring and not very eye-catching.
  easy to read and informative.
  lacking content and unclear.
  make me want to go there.
9. How often do you go to Scandals' web site?
(select one choice)

  A whole bunch
  Now and then
  Not so much
  Hardly never
10. I want the DJs to play...
(select one choice)

  Country music only  More new releases 
  Not always country  More classics 
  More high energy  More line dance and two step 
  More slow dances  Let it alone 
11. Compared to other clubs Scandals pricesare:
(select one choice)

  dirt cheap!
  I don't pay attention.
12. Do you fill your gullet at 'The Brothel'?
(select one choice)

13. Are you out on Wednesday or Sunday nights for
(select one choice)

  No thanks
14. Out of 5 spurs, Scandals rates...
(select one choice)

15. Do you attend our free dance lessons?
(select one choice)

  Yes, on Mondays for beginners
  Yes, on Tuesdays for improving dancers
  Yes, on Thursdays for two-steppin'
  Yes to all
  Nope, none of 'em
16. If I ran Scandals Saloon I would change...
(please be constructive, not destructive)

17. Much obliged for your time spent takin' this survey.
Please add any additional comments here.